Waiting for Removable Media Problem

While I was working on BSP for ALIX 3D3, I had to configure the kernel fragments for the board. I started with standard x86 kernel configuration provided by linux-yocto package. This standard configuration includes very basic fragments to at least boot a regular x86 system. For example, it enables network, usb, pci and sound.

As ALIX 3D3 is a compatible x86 machine, I got the standard configuration and enabled ALIX specific configuration such as CS5536 companion chip, sound, AMD Geode random number generator, Geode LX Framebuffer, etc. After enabling these configuration, I built core-image-minimal live image and dd‘ed the image into CF Card. After booting the machine, I saw that the boot process is stuck and the only thing in the screen is “waiting for removable media”.

I knew that this was caused by the init script and took a look at the script. Clearly, it couldn’t find the disk (/dev/sda) and couldn’t find the root image in the disk afterwards. Later on, I checked dmesg output and there was nothing related with disks. Kernel could not probe them. After checking the kernel parameters, I enabled CS5536 PATA support. Now sda could be seen in the dmesg output. However, I still had the same problem even if there was no problem with the disks. My attention, then, was turned to udev.

After hours of debugging udev and its rules, I found out that the udev version that I use (>= udev 182) requires CONFIG_DEVTMPFS kernel parameter to be present to work properly. After adding the following kernel parameters, udev successfully probed/mounted disks and the boot process went OK.


When you are working on BSP, or kernel parameters, be sure to enable above parameters in the kernel. Otherwise, udev will not work properly.

Happy hacking!

PS: Yocto Project version is dylan. This blog post was written dylan branch in mind